You are always on my mind

You are always in my mind, always in my heart
You are ever present, ever constant
A warm glow spreads inside as you speak to me
Caressing me with your eyes and words
Desire rises in me; you make me smile deep inside
Just a glance from you sends my heart racing,
My thoughts spinning out of control

I see you in my minds eye, close and warm, kind and caring
The smell, feel and touch of you never leaves me
Always I yearn for you, the feel of your skin constantly with me
Your touch, your kiss, your arms around me,
To hold you close and feel your breath
To feel your breathing and heart beat quicken in response
Time stands still when I am with you

The warmth in your eyes compels a primeval need
To make you happy, give you joy, see you smile
One glance from you and I am lost
I think I am almost certain I shall always want to please
To see the smile, to feel your heat, your caress
And although the words are not easily said
I think, I am almost certain I am falling for you

Copyright © 2012 The Kentish Lass

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