The Kentish Lass

Hi and Welcome

I’m an over thinking, kinda anxious gal. Born and raised in Kent, England (apart from 18 months in Malta from age of 2), now living in Sussex. Recently retired, and beginning to find myself

I am most at peace in rural locations; the hustle and bustle of cities, everyone hurrying hither and thither, grey and miserable faces, truly send my anxiety levels sky high.

I am learning to smile and believe in me once again.

Sharing here progress to rediscovering my creative self: photographs on instagram and flickr, writing, recipes and crafts.

2 thoughts on “The Kentish Lass”

  1. I also prefer the calm of the countryside to the hustle and bustle of city life. However, I do have a yearning for the culture offered by a big city. I once lived in a small town and had to travel four to six hours by car (or fly) to enjoy the theater.

    1. I agree, there are definite advantages to a big city. For me the main appeal of a city is the history and architecture found there. Thank you for visiting my site and commenting

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