I used to write a LOT.  I was most prolific in my early teens, whilst still at school. Then when I met my first love and throughout our time together. He was a passenger on the Herald of Free Enterprise and we had become engaged literally the day before he took the trip and was killed. I was devastated.  I found that there was a release of grief through writing.

Where I was and what I was doing, even what I was wearing when the news item of the event hit the TV screen will stay with me forever. I imagine it is the same for people who say they remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard about the assassination of JFK .

He had not told me what time he was travelling, he had not told me the name of the vessel. But none-the-less, in the split second of seeing the newsflash and understanding what was on the screen I knew, without a doubt, that he had been on that ferry. I knew without a doubt that he was never, ever, coming home to me. Although I hoped beyond hope that he would. But this is another story, for another time perhaps.

In 2012 I started writing again, before my disintegration, more in 2014 and still more in 2015. I honestly believe this return to writing is an integral and crucial part of my recovery.

I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to an e-magazine (SnowGlobe Poetry). My heartfelt thanks to Thomas Snow (Twitter @Snowglobeman, Instagram Thomassnowglobe) for believing in me and encouraging me to write.

My published work can be found here:

The Hunger

You are always on my Mind

The Gnarled Tree

Work not previously published:

A Lingering Kiss

My Constant Companion

Storm Catcher


Your Final Kiss

Forever Mine

The Long Lonely Hours

The Taste of You

Without You

My Love, My Life, My Friend

Miracles don’t happen

Another Dimension

The Beginning


In an instant

Unrequited Love

Not Ever

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