The consequence of indifferent silence

Silence was his weapon of choice to slaughter all that she had felt for him
Chosen with care, he knew that silence would be the ultimate betrayal
His indifference was the cause of the death of her love for him

Her heart began to doubt the memory of every word he had ever said to her
To doubt and by so doing, destroy the dreams they had made and shared.
His betrayal lead her mind to doubt all that she had thought was true

She questioned every remembered whispered word. Each touch. Each thought of love.
He knew she needed to hear, to see, to touch, to cherish and be cherished
He knew, because she had begged him not to ever leave her in silence.

Silence. Remoteness. Indifference. Weapons he wielded with expertise and precision
Until, at last, her mind acknowledged and accepted the inevitable and
She returned to her half life to piece together a heart once more shattered by indifference.

Copyright © The Kentish Lass 2015

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